Dog Walking

Your beloved dog will encounter a 30 minute or 60 minute walk/run, they will then brought home for a nice cuddle, fresh water and food if needed. Also if you’re pet desires a good run then, after they will have a 5 minute cool down so that their muscles do not stiffen up. Anything that your pet desires will be my main priority, as well as insuring that you the owner are satisfied with my work.

30 minute walk = £6.00

60 minute walk = £9.00

Additional Dog = £3.00

Dog boarding

£10.00 a day Price will depend on whether the dog is sociable and able to stay with 2 other dogs and a small child. Please contact me for any more information regarding this.

This service purely is down to what the needs of the pet, I am happy to deal with any pet but unfortunately I have a Phobia of spiders so unfortunately I would not be able to these types of visits.

Cat Visits

This will include a 30 minute stay which I will clean any mess/ trays that are there, food/water, a nice groom if they like that and the rest of the time to have either a snuggle or play with the cat. Again if there is anything your cat does/does not like then please let me know.

All prices will vary from £6.00 per day and to tailor the needs of the cat/cats.

Additional cat £3.00

Please contact me for more information

Small Animal Visits

from £3.00 to £5.00 a visit

Depending on what animal it is and what their needs are.

Kitten and Puppy Visits

£6.00 for puppies and kittens per visit.  Length of time at the property will depend on how many fur babies there are. Cleaning of trays/pads will be done, fresh food and water and then plenty of time for playing games and teaching them tricks (up to 45 minutes).

Additional puppy / kitten £1.50

Your Old Best Friend

Older dogs also love to get out for walks, if they are not able to walk far, going to the park/beach and sit with them might not seem much but for them they will LOVE. Fresh air does the world of good

Pet Taxi

Prices on request


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